FOSAA Presale: King Crimson

FOSAA Concert Presales

March 10, 2019

Hi Everyone….

This weeks presale is for King Crimson (performance is on June 5, 2020).

There is an overall 8 ticket limit for this event 

The usual instructions and reminders:

  • Unless otherwise stated in the presale information, presales run from 10 am until 10 pm.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the presale notice, the Sponsor presales are on Wednesdays and the Friend presales are on Thursdays.
  • FOSAA’s presales will not appear on the Ticketmaster concert page until the announced presale start time.
  • Make sure you have your personal password to enter into the “offer code” field on Ticketmaster concert page. If you did not receive your password, chances are that you never confirmed that you had read and understood the FOSAA Presale Procedure Document. This document was sent to you shortly after you joined FOSAA, along with your first dues payment receipt, your printable membership card, and new member welcome letter. If this is the case, please contact as soon as possible so we can send you your password.
  • If you are not using a computer, make sure you are using a device that will work for the presale. We can’t help you troubleshoot devices that we are not familiar with.

Good luck everyone!


Below are the links to this weeks presale:

“King Crimson” – Presale Information